Welcome to Secure File Transfer Suite

A comprehensive solution designed for secure and efficient file transfer.

How It Works

The File Uploader plays a crucial role in the secure file transfer process. It's responsible for the following:

  • Advanced AES Encryption: Each file is first encrypted using Advanced AES encryption. This ensures that even if the file is intercepted during transfer, it cannot be read without the encryption key.
  • File Chunking: To improve upload efficiency and further enhance security, the file is divided into small chunks. Each chunk is encrypted and uploaded separately. This means that even if a chunk is intercepted, it's impossible to reconstruct the entire file.
  • Secure Upload: The encrypted chunks are uploaded to the server using a secure connection to prevent eavesdropping.

The File Downloader retrieves the uploaded files securely. Here's how it works:

  • Secure Connection: The downloader establishes a secure connection with the server to prevent eavesdropping during the transfer.
  • File Chunking: Just like the uploader, the downloader retrieves the file in small, encrypted chunks. This not only improves download efficiency, but also means that even if a chunk is intercepted, the entire file cannot be reconstructed.
  • Decryption: Once all chunks have been downloaded, they are reassembled and decrypted using the same Advanced AES encryption algorithm.

The File Uploader Watchdog enhances the security of the file transfer process:

  • Monitoring: The Watchdog continuously monitors the upload process. If it detects an interruption, it triggers cleanup procedures to maintain security.
  • Cleanup: The Watchdog automatically removes any temporary files and partial uploads from the server. This prevents an attacker from gaining access to a partial file if the upload process is interrupted.